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Our Services

Website Design

We design the look and feel of your site based on your needs and best user experience. We customize your site to fit your brand from the colors and fonts to layout and specialty elements such as a photo gallery, a contact form or a video to achieve the perfect balance.

Website Design

We partner with you to create beautiful, functional websites that provide solutions to your specific business needs. We use our technical skills and creativity to help you grow your business and get your message in front of an audience that will become your loyal customers.

Branding & Logo

Before we design and build your website, we go through a branding experience that includes:

Brand: The way your company is perceived by the public
Branding: The marketing practice involved in shaping a brand
Brand identity: The collection of all visual elements to portray the right image to your client/customer.

Content Strategy

The “why” of your content is much more important than the “what.” You need to have a strategic plan behind all of the content that you want to publish. 

Website Development

Together, we strategize and enhance the Divi experience through child themes and plugins using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript giving you the added functionality you are looking for. We setup and provide support for eCommerce stores, eCourses as well as live or online event sites.

Built From Scratch

Our build from scratch option is suitable if you are looking for eCommerce, exclusive Membership Areas, Learning Management Systems, or other database integration such as IDX MLS.

Choose a Premade Template

Choose from Divi’s library of over 400 layouts which we can customize according to your needs and branding requirements.

Maintenance & Updates

We ensure your website remains secure and up-to-date. There is also peace of mind that you are covered if anything were to go wrong with your site just like an insurance policy.

Our 4-step Process

We take each client through a holistic web design process
where both form and function are taken into account.


Identify the goals of the new website including its purpose and audience. Define the scope of the project including features and timeline.

Design & develop

Define the site architecture – how the content and features connect. Start content creation (SEO) and begin work on the visual elements.


We ask each client to review ALL pages to make sure spelling, grammar, information and links are correct before going live.


This includes both launch timing and communication strategies to ensure optimimum revenue and profit on a new product or service. 

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