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Content Strategy:
Leveraging sales and marketing time.

Content optimization to help you promote your content to the audience you want. Content marketing is an inexpensive way of engaging with potential clients and existing customers for future business. Information sharing is a very interesting way of winning your client’s value and trust even before you make a sale with them. This goes a long way in fostering customer relationship.

Creating Images – For your blog, social media, infographics, etc.
Formatting – Blog posts, printables, newsletters, etc.
Proofreading – Any written content (who couldn’t use another set of eyes?)
Search Engine Optimizing – Keyword research, post and page optimization
Blogger and Entrepreneur Outreach – Sending emails and social media tagging of people you’ve mentioned or featured
Research – Finding facts, quotes, stories and examples for new content
Content Upgrades – Designing, formatting, setting up delivery
Engagement – Responding to comments and messages
Reusing and Repurposing your content – Breaking a piece of content down into smaller pieces to use on other channels or combining multiple pieces into something bigger
Website Maintenance – Performing updates, making or double-checking backups
Social Media – Scheduling and creating content, engaging
Updating webpage templates – Landing pages, thank you pages, etc.
Newsletter – Formatting and scheduling, segmenting and cleaning up your lists
Managing your guest posts – Submitting and tracking submissions
Content Strategy Measurement – Pulling analytics and other measures so you can focus on evaluation

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