Puzzle of Life

The four hour workweek. For some workaholics this sounds like a nightmare. For some pragmatists it sounds absolutely unrealistic. For some dreamers it sounds like heaven. Where do you stand? Would you like to trade in your 80 hour workweek for a four hour workweek, or would you like to make room for compromise, somewhere in between?

Here we’re talking about two things – one is holistic and the other is more practical. Where are you going with your life? Do you have a plan? If you have set up your own business or are in charge of a relatively successful small operation then you must have had a reason for establishing this course of action in the first place. Many people do have a good reason but in the mayhem of running a business they often lose sight of that goal. This is where the more specific element comes into play – time management.

If we want to be successful – in life – we have to have a bigger plan in mind and must be very good at managing our time on a day-to-day basis. These are two essentials, yet it’s amazing how many people don’t have control over either one of them.

Let’s be honest – money is not everything. Working yourself into the ground and trying to run the business by being the head cook and bottle washer may result in money in the bank, but what’s it doing to your health, well-being and life plans? How is your spouse or partner taking all of this? Together, you must have dreams and aspirations, but you must be making steps to turn those dreams into reality, or what’s the point of it all?

You might think that these are very philosophical questions but you have to understand that you’re the master of your own destiny. If you run or operate a business you have the ability to determine your direction. The most successful entrepreneurs on the planet do not work 80 or more hours per week. They may well have done so at one point, before realizing that that is simply not sustainable. They long ago learned that they had to delegate and outsource to capable, responsible, professional virtual assistants in order to help them plan an overall lifestyle.

No one is really advocating that you should work only four hours per week, but it’s a catchy phrase. You can be actively involved in your organization without running your fingers to the bone. You don’t have to be micromanaging and taking on all those endless tasks, just to make sure that everything is done on time and in its right place.

It’s time that you sat down with your partner, or if you’re still flying solo maybe with a friend or advisor and paint the bigger picture of your life. Where are you going to be in five years or 10 years from now? If you’re not better off from a much more holistic perspective than you are now, you should once again ask yourself – what’s the point?

Book a consultation with Virtual Tidbits and together, we can come up with a plan that works for both your business and personal life. This will be the best 30 minutes of your life!

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